Thursday, 22 April 2010

Printemps discover Alice and her Wonderland

Images Sourced at WGSN

Last month I did a post about the trend of Alice in Wonderland in Visual Merchandising, inspired by the Tim Burton and Disney collaborative film release. These images of Printemps windows in Paris show another brands interpretation of the trend.

In contrast to Selfridges and Harrods, Printemps display is very uncluttered and clean, dominated by the mostly monotone colour palette. The store have used three devices to communicate the trend. Firstly the backdrops are all black and white stills from the film. Secondly the outfits modelled by the white rabbit mannequins are inpspired by the costumes. And thirdly the oversized props of iconic Alice in Wonderland motifs including teacups, playing cards and a pocket watch.

This sophisticated yet playful display shows how brands can take a strong and identifiable theme and produce a range of different schemes from it. Maintaining true to the theme whilst portraying their own image and selling points.

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