Monday, 22 March 2010

Trend Spot: It's a Gardener's World

There is no doubt about it, Spring has finally arrived! (Or atleast it has in the world of Visual Merchandising, we may have to wait a while longer everywhere else!) These images are just four examples of brands that have tapped into a very seasonal Spring trend of gardens and flowers.
What is apparent in these photographs is that each brand has created it's own personal spin on the trend. The first, Chanel at Selfridges, has produced a very rustic version of the trend using worn greys and browns, quite a contrast to the polished, monochrome identity you normally associate with Chanel. Tommy Hilfiger, shown second, use the props in a fun way with the brands signature polo shirts. Whilst Topshop pictured fourth, successfully integrate manneqeuins with crates and plant boxes to create a relaxed and quirky display.
The second image is of a chair in River Island, I love the way that unlike the other brands the prop displayed has no practical function, it is charming to look at and fits in perfectly with the whole stores theme of Spring and florals.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Selfridges: The Bright Lights and Sites of London

Selfridge's window displays at their flagship London Oxford Street store are amongst the most iconic in the world. To celebrate London Fashion Week, (19th - 23rd February)the department store paid tribute to the capital with a splash of vibrant colours.
The fourth image I have shown was my favorite window, using cardboard cutouts to show some of the cities famous landmarks and architecture. The cardboard brown stands out well against all the acidic colours, and the way the props are built up in front of each other reflect the busy skyline of London.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Burberry is larger than life

After admiring Liberty's giant letter display for Stella McCartney I came across Burberry's window campaign for their Regent Street store. It appears I have stumbled across a trend! I really like the way the brand have jumbled all the letters of Burberry up, using different extremes of scale for the letters to create variety.
Displaying accessories and mannequins styled in pieces from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, amongst the letters, works really well. The display is a playful use of scale bringing an iconic brand name to life.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Liberty spell it out for you

I really like this concept Liberty have used for six of their windows on Great Marlborough Street, promoting the Stella McCartney collection. Using models and props to spell out 'Stella' has created a display that is full of humour and promotes McCartney's signature relaxed and feminine style.
This simple idea could be adopted by a range of retailers and like Liberty, they could put their own stamp on it to promote key elements of their brand and collection.

Monday, 8 March 2010

A walk in the park for Banana Republic

I love Banana Republic's Regent Street window campaign for Spring, the setting, colour palette and props all come together to create a playful, yet sophisticated display. The backdrops of green grass, fields and trees identify the setting, made stronger with the props of park benches and bicycles.
The womenswear collection titled 'Live in Chino' in neutral tones sits perfectly within the concept and is not washed out or overlooked by a busy scene or strong colours.
The initial aspect of the display that caught my eye was the dogs, I really like the way the brand have used breeds of all shapes and sizes and created them in similar fabrics to the garments. They are a perfect addition
to the display and are simply adorable! (The dauschaund is my favourite!)

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Ship's Come in at Jigsaw

Jigsaw's Spring campaign takes the ever popular nautical theme to create a classic and sophisticated window display. The Union Jack sails draped down from the ceiling create a frame to focus the eye on the mannequins. The use of rope piled up on the floor and held in the mannequins hands, create a look that is identifiable and authentic whilst subtle enough to not take away from the product. The mannequin modelling the striped top and mac is covered in navy and blue striped fabric which helps to communicate the trend further.