Friday, 31 July 2009

Topshops Round the World Travels

These two photos were taken at the Topshop flagship store on London's Oxford Street in March of this year. Worn and torn old-fashioned luggage is used a lot in visual displays, I believe part of the reason being that they symbolize both travel and a sense of the past very successfully. The luggage helps to communicate trends that encompasses either of these concepts and can be used in a number of practical ways.

In these two displays the luggage is used as a way of building up height and as platforms for mannequins and stands. This allows the product styled on them to be seen more easily by the consumer in a busy store where product displayed lower down may be easily missed.
I really like the use of antique luggage, on my various trips to discover new and exciting visual merchandising I will look for more examples of it being used. Perhaps by a completely different brand, or used in a new, innovative way.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Agent Provocateur's Striking Structure

These photographs taken at Agent Provocateur in Selfridges, London Oxford street, highlight the lingerie brands striking concession displays. I think the gloss and luxury of the black really complement the femininity and softness of the wire mannequins and the dusky pink, conveying the brands image well. Your eye is immediately drawn to the display situated next to the escalator because of the heavy use of black in a fairly neutral and pastel dominated lingerie department. However once it has caught your attention it is the product that gains your focus as the frame and heavy spotlighting draw your eye in.