Friday, 31 July 2009

Topshops Round the World Travels

These two photos were taken at the Topshop flagship store on London's Oxford Street in March of this year. Worn and torn old-fashioned luggage is used a lot in visual displays, I believe part of the reason being that they symbolize both travel and a sense of the past very successfully. The luggage helps to communicate trends that encompasses either of these concepts and can be used in a number of practical ways.

In these two displays the luggage is used as a way of building up height and as platforms for mannequins and stands. This allows the product styled on them to be seen more easily by the consumer in a busy store where product displayed lower down may be easily missed.
I really like the use of antique luggage, on my various trips to discover new and exciting visual merchandising I will look for more examples of it being used. Perhaps by a completely different brand, or used in a new, innovative way.

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