Friday, 19 February 2010

Blue Skies are Forecast at Fred Perry

An overcast day shopping in Nottingham was brightened up by Fred Perry's Spring window campaign. I love the concept of using weather symbols, they are instantly recognisable and very appropriate for a brand who's nation has a pre-occupation with the weather.
I really like the small details like the wind pressure symbol 'S10' for Spring/Summer 2010. A very simple idea, that focuses your eye on the brands 'sunshine'; a black jacket!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Delivery at River Island

My last post in January seems to of identified a trend! This window display for River Island's spring menswear is all about post and packaging. I really like the way the brand has played with traditional features of postage like the labels This Way Up' and 'Fragile'.
The neutral shades of white and brown make the theme really adaptable and don't take away from the bright reds and blues in the clothing displayed. The shredded paper used to cover the floor is very in keeping with the theme and is a simple and easy way to cover the space.