Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spring is blossoming at Mulberry

Amongst the doom and gloom of January it was really refreshing to come across this vibrant display at Mulberry. The white cut out dolls allow both the giant pink flowers and Mulberry's spring collection, including the much talked about Tillie bag to stand out.
Part of the strength of this display in my opinion, is the way it ties in with their current print advertising campaign, full of pink hydrangeas, wheel barrows and watering cans: all things Spring!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The best of the sales

After my last post about the White Company I decided to see if I could track down anymore window displays that have used innovation and creativity in their promotion of that four letter word. It was by no means an easy task but eventually I found three displays that impressed me.

The first is Kurt Geiger on Regent Street, I really like the way they have used highlights of red in a subtle and stylish way; in their light bulb signage, in the shoes on display and also in the lips of the otherwise very plain mannequin.
The second display at Anthropologie also on Regent Street, uses playful fonts and patterns to create a composition of key messages about their sale. The third retailer pictured is Vivienne Westwood's menswear store just off New Bond Street. Refreshingly this brand decided to abandon the colour red and use the same vibrant blue as their store signage for their sale promotion. The bunched up giant letters are instantly eyecatching and work well next to the two mannequins, creating a balanced composition that fits the small but perfectly shaped window.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The White Company reduce their prices without reducing their image

Sales are the one time when retailers tend to strip back displays to just simple graphics, often using a combination of large lettering and the colour red! So I was really impressed when I spotted this display at The White Company at Sloane Square. The upmarket brand have successfully created a display that clearly communicates their sale but in a way that stays true to their strong brand identity. Proving that even though they are discounting their prices, by no means does it mean their upmarket signature style is impacted.

Using mannequins, examples from their product range and giant scripted lettering, all in their signature white, the brand create an elegant and effective scheme. The element to the display that allows it to be a success in my opinion, is the lighting. By positioning spotlights over the letters they prevent the all white display from looking bland and allow the word 'sale' to pop out.