Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spring is blossoming at Mulberry

Amongst the doom and gloom of January it was really refreshing to come across this vibrant display at Mulberry. The white cut out dolls allow both the giant pink flowers and Mulberry's spring collection, including the much talked about Tillie bag to stand out.
Part of the strength of this display in my opinion, is the way it ties in with their current print advertising campaign, full of pink hydrangeas, wheel barrows and watering cans: all things Spring!


  1. Hi there, nice to meet you. Oh my gosh love this post, the paper dolls and bright pink, it makes me feel so "homesick" for London. Am a kiwi but lived there for 15 years (also in Cheltenham, worked for the Gloucestershire Echo!). The shop windows in London are so edgy and arty - I miss that!!

  2. I love this window display, I used Big Bows for my last display, which was during a holiday window show, it was pretty too!