Monday, 31 August 2009

A Picture Postcard Summer at French Connection

I took these photographs of the window displays of French Connection's London Oxford Street store back in July. I thought the whole concept for the display was really strong, communicating the idea of summer in a youthful and fun way.
The postcard design helped to frame the mannequins and focus your eye on the bright colours of both the clothes and the beach balls. The display stood out really well as you walked down the street as it was completely different to the other retailers windows and filled the whole space with colour and props, creating maximum impact.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Londons Calling at Monsoons Childrenswear Department

I photographed the childrenswear window display in Monsoon at their Cheltenham branch about two weeks ago. Amongst all the shops giant sale signs and blank windows this display really stood out to me. I think the graphics of the London skyline are very strong and create the right balance between being sophisticated and young looking for the childrenswear department. The coloured areas of the backdrop suggest a colouring book style which reflects the audience of the product range perfectly.
I like the play on words with the signage "Monsoon Street" taking another aspect of London iconography along with the London Eye and other architecture in the backdrop. It adds another playful element to the display and of course promotes the retailers name.
The display strongly represents the key theme of London for this Autumn collection that is used throughout the product range in graphic prints. The three outfits on the mannequins in the display are examples of this, I have included an image of one of the t-shirts as the detail is hard to make out in my photograph.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Urban Outfitters Quirky Changing Rooms

I took these photos yesterday in the changing rooms of Urban Outfitters in Cabbots Circus, Bristol. The entire changing rooms were made of wood including the doors and entrance area. Black line drawings were used on all of the features of the changing rooms, including the door and the mirror to mimic elaborate framework and detailing.
The hooks shown above were my favourite, as they are quite amusing and add character to an otherwise quite neutral space. The concept is really simple which gave it added appeal as I often feel the simplest idea can make a strong impact in visual merchandising.
In addition, the design is very in keeping with the retailers quirky image and is appropriate for both their female and male consumers.