Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Selfridges Summer Commandments

From top to bottom, the festivals in each window are:
The Last Night of the Proms
Notting Hill Carnival
Love Box
The Chelsea Flower Show
Royal Ascot

British summertime is not only defined by Pimms and rainy days but by the big events in the British summer calendar, the biggest of which Selfridges is celebrating in this campaign. Rather than just being a celebratory display though like last summer (see post in May 2012) the London department store are giving passers by style tips on what looks to wear to each event. A campaign they have titled "The Seasonal Commandments" Selfridges have taken the key trends for Spring Summer 2013 and styled a British summer event in each. My favorite collaborations are florals and the Chelsea Flower Show for its strong connection between event and trend and the geometric prints at the Last Night of the Proms for its striking monochrome product.

The format of each window is the same to create a strong visual campaign. Small props litter the floor of each window, from barbie dolls to tennis balls all holding mini placards with style tips for their event, a detail I love about the display and makes it a truly Selfridges campaign with their trademark humour and wit the brand are famous for.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Jubilee hits the shops

The Jubilee took over London last weekend, I don't think you could step onto a London street without catching sight of a union jack or a string of bunting. Every shop joined in the celebrations creating displays and visual delights fit for a Queen. The pictures above are a selection of my favourite displays. The first two pictures are from Hackett, I love the collage of pictures of the Queen showing her through the various years, the history really draws you in. The corgis with headscarves feature outside the Mulberry store in Selfridges, I love the little Queen-esque headscarves they have styled on the dogs. As you have probably worked out from the signage, the last two windows are from Jack Wills on the Kings Road.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Brits do best at Selfridges

What do you think of when you say British? The Queen? Tea? The weather? Well all of the above and more featured in Selfridges British bonanza. Their current window campaign is perfect to celebrate everything British for a summer of events from the Queens Jubilee to the Olympics London 2012. Each window showcased a theme associated with Great Britain, the four I have shown here were my personal favorites! The seaside, tea, the weather and of course the British hugh street. What I like about this campaign is that in true Selfridges and British style they have injected a great sense of humour to each window! This is probably most apparent in the tea window, rather than showing an elegant afternoon tea Selfridges are showing a less elegant version of tea.. builders tea! Complete with a builders bum and giant sugar cubes as bricks, this window is full of a British sense of humour.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Levis go over the rainbow

A clever play on words can be a very powerful tool in marketing and promotion, look at the size and success of French Connections recent campaigns! So I was very excited when I saw this campaign for Levis on Regent Street. Coloured jeans in pastels and icecream shades are a wardrobe must-haves for Spring Summer. Every brand is shouting about their version including Gap who's current campaign is all around bright jeans. This campaign for Levis is definitely worth shouting about or blogging about should I say!

Levis coloured jeans in every colour of the rainbow are at the forefront of this campaign, but they are not alone. The curve they refer too is a play on words of the curve of a rainbow and the curve of a woman! A collection titled Curve is what Levis is promoting, designed by the jeans brand to celebrate the curves of a woman with three different fit jeans based on your body type.

The message in this display to me is the ultimate example of taking a trend and making it fit (literally..) your brands image and product, whilst really understanding your consumers needs.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Anthropologie get a paint job

This display at Anthropologie on Regent Street can't help but make you stop in your busy shopping tracks. The burst of colour and dramatic dripping paint design that covers the majority of the stores windows is big, bold and brilliant! The pastel colours, in particular the aqua, nod towards the key trends this Spring Summer with these sorbet shades looking to dominate the high street.

I like the fact that the two windows, one either side of the stores entrance, use different compositions for the paint drip design. The one dominating the majority of the window with a few cleverly placed gaps to showcase product and props. And the second, creating a window (within the window..) to show key outfits on a mannequin grouping.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mulberry are the flavour of the month

It may be ten below in London but that doesn't stop this display on Brompton Road look any less appealing! This summer inspired candy campaign from the British brand is right on the mark with this seasons candy colours and fun approach. The attention to detail on the giant icecreams is what prevents this campaign from looking cheap and tacky, the hundreds and thousands are my personal favourite, they look good enough to eat!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Selfridges are dreaming of a white Christmas

Christmas has officially arrived in retail and what better way to kick off the festive season here than with Selfridges. This year Selfridges have gone for a white winter Christmas theme, each of their windows depicting a Christmas related scene in a wash of white and silver sparkle. The attention to detail, use of scale, texture and lighting are what makes the all white display a success and looks particularly stunning at night. If you havn't been yet definitely get down to Oxford Street and feast your festive eyes on this gorgeous display! From cute polar bears to silver sequin stilettos there is something for everyone!