Monday, 27 February 2012

Levis go over the rainbow

A clever play on words can be a very powerful tool in marketing and promotion, look at the size and success of French Connections recent campaigns! So I was very excited when I saw this campaign for Levis on Regent Street. Coloured jeans in pastels and icecream shades are a wardrobe must-haves for Spring Summer. Every brand is shouting about their version including Gap who's current campaign is all around bright jeans. This campaign for Levis is definitely worth shouting about or blogging about should I say!

Levis coloured jeans in every colour of the rainbow are at the forefront of this campaign, but they are not alone. The curve they refer too is a play on words of the curve of a rainbow and the curve of a woman! A collection titled Curve is what Levis is promoting, designed by the jeans brand to celebrate the curves of a woman with three different fit jeans based on your body type.

The message in this display to me is the ultimate example of taking a trend and making it fit (literally..) your brands image and product, whilst really understanding your consumers needs.


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  3. While here in the Philippines, the Levis window display is more on the strong hue of red.

    Makes me think that the store window palettes differ per region. :)

  4. I just love Levis, the items that have been pictured above are really just mesmerizing, would just love to have them.

  5. Love these collection in stores of the brand Levis, its real and quite trendy to wear.