Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Harvey Nichols Chalkboard

I took these photographs at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh on the 14th of September. I thought the use of chalk to show the detailing on all the props was very unique and cleverly done. It really gave a sense of charm to a window display that besides that was very simple, displaying a range of products on props as though they were in a house.

The design works particularly well for a department store that has a wide range of products because they did a number of windows in this style. Each one was for a different room in a house with different products in, for example these images are of a females room showing beauty products, lingerie and accesories. Whereas the children's room was like a playroom with clothes and other products suited to that particular consumer range.
This concept really allows the products to stand out against the dominant black and has a playful character that is in keeping with the Harvey Nichols brand.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Topshop - You've Been Framed

I took these photographs in Topshop in Edinburgh about two weeks ago. I really like the use of large ornate gold frames in the display to give an added feature but also to draw the eye in towards the products. Frames were used throughout the store in a variety of scales, including in the window displays to create a consistency and to strengthen the trend. A very simple technique, the frames help to give a sense of grandeur and occasion that are integral to the trend the products belong too.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Juicy Couture's Menagerie

This display was a part of the Juicy Couture concession at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, photographed on the 14th of September. I really like the use of birdcages throughout the display to give the brand a feminine feel. The strong, modern tones maintained an edge of Juicys attitude, keeping up their strong image. Displaying one of the collections handbags in a bird cage was effective, giving the prop an added feature. Although using birdcages as a part of a display is not a new concept for fashion brands, Juicy Couture applied their own twist, making the props relevent for their brand.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Miss Selfridge's Faded Chic

These images are of Miss Selfridge's window displays at their London Oxford Street store, taken last week. I really like the worn and faded style of the props and backdrop used, as they complement the products on display, particularly the faded denim and washed out floral print. Using predominantly white allows the imagery and products to stand out. The painted brick work effect prevented the white from looking too bland.
The use of different height plinths is very clever as it allows each look to be complete with various accessories. Providing the customer with an idea of how to put together an outfit from the product range. It also breaks up the space within the display making it easier on the eye.