Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Harvey Nichols Chalkboard

I took these photographs at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh on the 14th of September. I thought the use of chalk to show the detailing on all the props was very unique and cleverly done. It really gave a sense of charm to a window display that besides that was very simple, displaying a range of products on props as though they were in a house.

The design works particularly well for a department store that has a wide range of products because they did a number of windows in this style. Each one was for a different room in a house with different products in, for example these images are of a females room showing beauty products, lingerie and accesories. Whereas the children's room was like a playroom with clothes and other products suited to that particular consumer range.
This concept really allows the products to stand out against the dominant black and has a playful character that is in keeping with the Harvey Nichols brand.

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