Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Louis Vuitton travel in style to the Eiffel Tower

Even on holiday I can't resist a peak at the windows of the worlds most prestigious fashion designers stores! This display caught my eye in Munich, Germany where I visited a couple of weekends ago with a group of friends.

I love the way the brand have taken one of France's most famous landmarks the Eiffel Tower, and created a really fun, building block style model out of mock pieces of luggage. This display uses a range of summer themes such as travel, luggage and tourism to create a playful yet sophisticated display. The limited colour palette and symmetrical composition of the three components: the model, the drawing and the mannequin, create the level of sophistication that is required for the premium brand.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Hanging out at Whistles

I have done a few posts about the use of giant letters in retailers window displays, discovering that it is quite a big trend in Visual Merchandising. I like this display by Whistles because unlike the other displays such as Stella McCartney at Liberty and Burberry where the letters were placed on the floor, at Whistles the letters hang from the ceiling. By hanging the neutral tone letters from wires they are able to use the height of the window and draw the customers eye across the store.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Fred Perry enjoy the beautful game

The Football World Cup is one of the biggest events this summer so its not surprising that brands have tapped into the tournament for visual merchandising inspiration. I love this window display in Fred Perry's Nottingham store because although it is a strong association with football, the display is subtle and clever and in line with the heritage brand's identity.

The oversized table football players are instantly recognizable and a fun play on size, as table football itself is a miniature form of the sport yet here it is a giant version of it. I particularly like the way the "footballers" are wearing Fred Perry's signature polo shirt which is famous to the brand.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Jigsaw's Sweet Tooth

I have blogged about Jigsaw's window displays a number of times and this scheme is perhaps my favorite so far. The womenswear high street brand have used props of oversized sweets to create a bright, fun and eye-catching display. The giant gum balls, sticks of rock, lolly pops and pick and mix striped bag, are all instantly recognizable because of their shapes, textures and colour. Their timeless nature has an element of nostalgia as the sweets are favorites amongst generations including the middle aged demographic that the brand is targeting.

The display takes an instantly recognisable theme and reproducess it in a giant form to catch the eye of passers by and create a visual impact.