Monday, 22 March 2010

Trend Spot: It's a Gardener's World

There is no doubt about it, Spring has finally arrived! (Or atleast it has in the world of Visual Merchandising, we may have to wait a while longer everywhere else!) These images are just four examples of brands that have tapped into a very seasonal Spring trend of gardens and flowers.
What is apparent in these photographs is that each brand has created it's own personal spin on the trend. The first, Chanel at Selfridges, has produced a very rustic version of the trend using worn greys and browns, quite a contrast to the polished, monochrome identity you normally associate with Chanel. Tommy Hilfiger, shown second, use the props in a fun way with the brands signature polo shirts. Whilst Topshop pictured fourth, successfully integrate manneqeuins with crates and plant boxes to create a relaxed and quirky display.
The second image is of a chair in River Island, I love the way that unlike the other brands the prop displayed has no practical function, it is charming to look at and fits in perfectly with the whole stores theme of Spring and florals.


  1. oo i really like your take on this trend! I love the flowers on the chair! Would you like to swap links, ill add yours to mine if you agree! Thanks

    victoria x

  2. Thank you for your comments, I really like the design of your website its really unique. I'd love to swap links, I have added you to 'My Favourite Blogs and Websites'.

    Kathryn x

  3. Great blog. Anything can count as Hollywood memorabilia from film props to movie posters.