Friday, 2 April 2010

Alice steps out of Wonderland and into the windows!

When I heard last year that Tim Burton was collaborating with Disney to produce a new version of Alice in Wonderland I kept my fingers crossed that it was going to be big. The publicity surrounding the film has been huge, and I am so pleased to see that it's been adopted by my two favorite department stores in London as a visual merchandising concept.

These photographs are of Harrods and Selfridges Alice in Wonderland window displays; two very different schemes that take inspiration from the same film. Alice in Wonderland is filled with motifs and characters that make it an ideal theme for a visual merchandising concept. From teacups, cream cakes and rabbits, to clocks, keyholes and playing cards.

The first four photographs are from Harrods, the displays use bold colours and patterns to reflect the bizarre characteristics of the story. Whilst props such as the giant teacup and playing card cake are manipulations of scale, featuring objects from the story that are famously associated with Alice.

Selfridges take on the theme, shown in the last three images, is a lot less theatrical and more traditional and old-fashioned in comparison. They have used the same objects such as playing cards and clocks but arranged them in a jumbled manner in scenes that mimic the Mad Hatters tea party.

Which do I prefer more? That is hard to say but I do think they have both done a very good job of paying tribute to one of the most famous children's stories of all!


  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing! Great displays.
    Becky, Retail Details blog