Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lord & Taylor declare Checkmate

Images Sourced at WGSN

Up until now all of my posts have included photographs I have taken of schemes taking place now, but to broaden my understanding of Visual Merchandising I have delved into the archives of WGSN; an industry resource for trends, news and research.

The examples I will include from the archive are the schemes that I liked the most and stood out to me as they would if I had walked past the window itself!

This concept by American department store Lord and Taylor from February 2008 is titled 'It's Our Move', taking the traditional game of chess as inspiration. The design team have been very detailed in their representation of the game; using the monotone colours, the checker board and of course the games signature pieces of queens, kings, bishops, knights castles and pawns. I really like the way the mannequins have been placed to look as if they are part of the game placed on squares along with giant chess pieces.

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