Saturday, 1 May 2010

Trend Spot: Flamingos

Over the last month or so I have spotted a number of flamingos within window displays of various retailers. The first example I have shown is of Harrods, this particular pink bird featured in their Alice in Wonderland display. This trend I have noticed undoubtedly is linked to the Alice in Wonderland theme popular in March, as in the story Alice plays croquet with some flamingos.

The River Island display shown in the last two images mimics the bright coral/pink of the flamingos in two dresses modeled on the mannequins. I like the way in this display the two birds are doing different poses adding interest to the props. The bright colour of the bird makes it an ideal prop for Spring/Summer and the Alice in Wonderland link strengthens its relevance this season.


  1. Great feature Kathryn.....thanks for sharing...!

  2. Where do the river island pink flamingos come from? I want one!