Monday, 3 May 2010

Harvey Nichols are all tied up

These images are of Harvey Nichols menswear window displays, photographed on Friday at their Knightsbridge store. The nautical theme that has appeared in various Visual Merchandising schemes in the last few summers, offers a range of motifs to play with including anchors, ropes, seagulls and stripes. What I like about Harvey Nichols interpretation of the theme is the way they have focused on one key prop and played with it in a number of ways.

An element to these displays that I particularly like is the way that accessories such as shoes and hats have been tied up and placed in the circular rope on the backdrop in the window. With only one mannequin in each window it allows the store to showcase more products in a playful way. Another feature that works really well is the use of rope for the mannquins hair, styled in a fairly realistic way it is a subtle addition to this playful display.

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  1. I'd like to use one of your pictures on my website for my short film (about a mannequin). It is so much nicer than the other stock photos I have looked at. Please contact me here: