Sunday, 15 August 2010

Gap Kids and H&M battle it out in the classroom

Gap Kids and H&M are tapping into the Back to School trend for their childrenswear departments in a big way. Both brands have used props of giant stationary including sharpeners, erasers and rulers to create fun, colourful displays. Gap Kids have used bright primary colours and cardboard for their props whilst H&M have used a broader range of materials to create more lifelike versions of the stationary.

The compositions of the two displays are determined by the scale of the windows, as H&Ms much bigger and wider window of their Regent Street store allows the brand to spread out the props. Compared to Gap Kids much smaller window at their Oxford Circus store, where the stationary and mannequins are much more compact. I think the composition of Gap's window display is much more eyecatching and the closeness of all the props reminded me of a childs stationary crammed into a pencil case.

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  1. Great idea, great blog! I just love it! Maybe you get a chance to document some food related displays? That would be very much appreciated! Many, many thanks and please keep going!