Sunday, 11 September 2011

French Connection is the product

French Connection state on their website..

"Going forward we will present French Connection as a credible and focused fashion brand that speaks through its product."

This campaign does exactly that! In a tough economic climate it is more important than ever that retailers focus on having the right product for their customer. This campaign for French Connection is fantastic, especially with this in mind. It communicates to the customer about their product in a direct, humorous and visually exciting way.
I love the visual presentation of this campaign with the product displayed on tube shaped lights that extend from the floor to the ceiling of the window. Without the detail and composition of mannequins it strips the display back and keeps your eye focused on the product. The text is a short one liner slogan simialr to those of French Connections previous two campaigns.. (Scroll down to February post to re-jog your memory!) I like the way they have used a similar format from previous campaigns and given it a new spin, making it instantly recognisable to the brand. I just hope they don't get too comfortable but continue to bring out new ideas that surprise and excite the customer!


  1. thanks so much for your posts. I am a small designer that just opened my first store so I am hungry for inspiration.

  2. hello, not sure if you're interested, but i made a video of the holiday 2010 Bergdorf Goodman's window display. feel free to use it if you like.

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